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All poetry on this page is (c) Kristen 2002

Welcome Home

Do I believe?
You are my eternal glory
You watch over me
like a mother for her child.
You died a cruel death
You lived an awesome life
Your love is a waterfall
engulfing me in affection and safety
You planned my life
You have planned my death
my love for You will never fade
the trigger sounds like a clap of thunder
Your beautiful face greets me
And I fall into Your arms
I am home

Dream Fulfilled

What happens to a dream fulfilled?

Does it hide in your mind
like a little child?

Or show itself like a jack-in-the-box--
and then smile?

Does it burn your memory like branding cattle?
Or seep from your intellect--
like the date of a long ago battle?

Maybe it just flies
like a bird gone away

Or does it stay?

Beautiful You

You're all I see
But why won't you look at me?
I think about you every day
But everytime you look away
I wish I could just talk to you
But even that would be too hard to do
I'm way too shy to say how I feel
Maybe if I wasn't, I'd have some appeal
I wish that we could share just one dance
But I guess I'll never get the chance
You'd think that I could just say, "Hey!"
But someday soon you'll fly away.