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Aim I hug pineapples

I fancy music, shorts, musicals, camp fires, Christmas, football, Micheal W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, shell leis, VeggiTales, basketball, dances, drums, fall, FFH, Michelle Branch, Christian T-shirts, cantaloupe, comedies, boys, Hawaii, puka shells, Dairy Queen, Arabica's, sun tan lotion, Spenser, Mississippi Leghound, band, God, TV, Lifetime movies, The Disney Channel, The Real World, Trading Spaces, Sponge Bob Square Pants, school, love, my piccolo, DC Talk, delirious5?, Nicole C. Mullen, relient k, tobymac, tait, kevin max, starburst, reese's pieces, aim, shrek, pretty woman, Harry Potter, Mrs. Doubtfire, kangaroos, stupid jokes, stupid puns, rain, humor, the ocean, palm trees, tiki torches, dashboard hula dolls, bowling, Applebee's, family, friends, color, bracelets, watches, monkeys, dolphins, friends (the show), The Fish, 7th Heaven, recliners, the comics, Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, camping, candles, Bath & Body Works, lotion, Aéropostale, ice cream cake, flannel sheets, Survivor: Africa, reading, nature, dogs, elephants, art, DVDs, Washington D.C., peace, happiness, having alone time, the internet, The Sims, Roller Coaster Tycoon, people, concerts, bass guitars, sunglasses, Ramen Noodle Soup, Oreo milk shakes, watermelon, cereal, milk, watching the stars, Romeo & Juliet, To Kill A Mockingbird, poetry, The Giver, radios, CDs, Beat The Geeks

I disrelish guns, drugs, alcohol, people who don't care, smoking, war, show offs, attitude problems, bugs, spiders, snakes, clowns, glasses, people who say stupid things, hurtful people, peope who think they're best, profanity, being shy, wanting to give up on God, stupid teachers, washing dishes, roller coasters, Ben Stein, South Park, documentaries, Great Expectations, geometry, Tom Sawyer